Dead vs Dormant

Big difference. Neither appear to have life. One is hopeless while the other is hopeful!

Hidden away in my mud room sits the Bridge21 / Summit Community Gardens “garden”. Our B21 Garden is in the form of seed and bulb packets which have pretty promising pictures on the outside packaging. However, if you take a peek inside and you’ll see tiny seeds or large ugly bulbs. They are dormant, waiting for the snow to thaw, the last frost to come and the soil to be prepared.

Come June, with a little TLC, proper soil amendment, sun and water, they will spring into life and grow into the beautiful flowers and veggies the packet picture promised! This is a good analogy for Bridge21 right now. Did you think perhaps we’d given up, disbanded or abandoned ship?

Not a chance! We are here to tell you, we’re not dead, we’ve been dormant!

During the forced solitude of the past 13 months, Bridge21 Leadership has been working on our strategic planning, building our board, researching various housing models, rebuilding our website, continuing to raise awareness and meeting with interested individuals. We are hopeful that these preparations will lead to a beautiful B21 bloom!

You are invited to help GROW Bridge21 this Spring by participating in our community gardening effort. We will have a B21 Garden Calendar of specific times when Families and Friends can get dirty together and enjoy the fresh air and Vitamin D we all desperately need! Check out the Summit Community Gardens website and volunteer with B21 on Wednesdays. If you’d like to be included in B21’s upcoming Mama Bear potluck picnics (you do not have to be a mother of a special needs child to participate, just a loving advocate for this population) then text Liza Howell @ 919-619-1182.

Spring is here and it’s time to sprout!

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