Extraordinary people

JIM SANTY AUDITORIUM - April 17, 2019 | 6:30pm

Bridge21 Park City invites you to a community screening of a new documentary film and panel discussion around innovative solutions to the unemployment crisis impacting adults with autism and disabilities.

The 30-minute film follows the stories of six individuals across the autism spectrum who tap into individual strengths and skills to find success working at a special purpose business called Extraordinary Ventures. “They’ve been told they can’t do it. Look at them now!”

While a job can be a vital source of pride, self-esteem and confidence, opportunities for this population are scarce. It is incumbent on us all—individuals, families, communities, employers– to become more accepting and open to new ideas. The film explores ways to create businesses and meaningful employment around the what the people are good at and not what they can’t do.

A panel discussion will follow with local partners and supporters.


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